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Roof Certifications

Our project managers are HAAG certified. We have had the same training as insurance adjusters. Real-estate transactions are held up all the time by unqualified roofers performing certifications that believe a roof has storm damage. Insurance adjusters are called, transactions are delayed only to find out there in no storm damage. We are certified in the identification of storm damage. We will identify roofing issues and more importantly, we will NOT identify issues that do not exist. We stand behind our roof certifications with a five year warrantee.

Fair Price

We strive to offer a superior value proposition for you and your customers.  Our value proposition centering around customer service, speed of execution, quality and price is unmatched in the industry.

Roof Repair/Replacement

We recognize a needed roof repair/replacement can hold up a real-estate transaction. We are cold weather installation experts. Our sectional roofing technique with tarping allows us to re-roof houses 12 months out of the year. Just as important, we know when re-roofing should be postponed due to inclement weather.



We recognize the trust you have built with your home buyers and sellers. We strive to build the same relationship with you. For your Roof certificates, repairs or Re-roofs, we will give you established timelines and communicate as needed.


Referral/Reward Program

Just as Realtors love referrals, so do we. We strive to form partnerships in the Realtor community and have created a great referral program to promote this partnership. The highest tier in the referral program is a free expense paid trip to Vail!

Speed of Execution

We pride ourselves on speed of execution.

  • Roof Certifications: We strive to turn around a roof certification report within 48 hours.
  • Re-Roofs/Repair: We recognize a re-roof can hold up a real-estate transaction and give real-estate pending re-roofs/repairs top priority.

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